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oke then, i understand. this is your intellectual property 

thanks for the answer

hi, I've seen the template. 

Is it possible to get a "real template" with "real content" that "on sequel" users can study, copy and emulate in real situation? Not jut empty template but the one with real content

I was a 3D animator, and when i learn 3d, usually the course will come up with "lesson file"

that we can open, dissected and practiced. 

It's a totally different when see a tutorial vs see a real working file.

Is it possible to get "real bieber fans template"

or any other template (with content) that similar to it?


thanks for the reply.

Is there any estimation for how long this issue will be fixed ?


Hi Praveen, thanks for the answer. However. I'm afraid this is not answered the question.

of course, I already read all documentation. but still couldn't find relation between regular NLP nodes and the free flow conversation that the user tend to use.

It's seems the bot wouldn't be able to jump "out of conversation" in certain "story"

If I provide several buttons, but the user just type in anything outside of the choice, then the bot stop working. I can't just manually instructed user to manually type "/restart" everytime this happened

How can the bot "jump" from a story into Global NLP or regular NLP Node? 

How to  find my bot link to send to you?

Hi Praveen. thanks for the reply

I already tested many times, 

Like you said: if user types " I love you a lot dear", then it will detect as "I love you" is present in user's input.

But if your said a very long paragraph, tend the bot won't recognize the sentence "i love you' in the middle of other sentence. and go into fallback mode.

Oh, and my case it's in "Indonesian" language,

so it might behave differently