Limitations of free account on OnSequel

Nitesh Manav 9 months ago in General Discussion • updated by Praveen Srinivasaiah (Admin) 9 months ago 5

Hi Praveen,

I am thinking to use OneSequel for some of my serious projects. So, just wanted to know if there is any big limitations on using free account on OnSequel?

I mean, what if 1 million subscribers for any of my messenger bot? Will you start charging for it then? I don't see any such mentioning anywhere on the OnSequel FAQ or anywhere but still wanted to make it clear. 

Since , there is still no way to import/export subscribers and hence if any pricing plans get introduced even to the old users, we will have no choice to move anywhere else/

Also, if there is no subscribers or number of broadcast message limit, is there any other limits? Please help me understand free vs premium thing if there is any. Thank you.


Nitesh - As you are aware, our platform is totally free and there is no such limitations wrt to subscribers and messages. We do not have the paid subscription yet and not sure will become available anytime soon. So, you can go ahead and use this platform. However, there might be few features which we haven't implemented in Sequel.

Can I use created bot for commercial activity for my company ?  It's a simple "request -> get price"  bot.

Under review

What exactly do you wish to create here?

I'll send you private message on this.