How Useful Is Hotmail Customer Service For Email Problems?

simmi 3 months ago in Technical Issues 0

Many hotmail users often face various technical issues with their mailing account and subscribe for customer service facility on regular basis to get quick fix solution for their issues. The technical glitches can be easily resolved by applying the correct resolution process.

Common technical issues and resolution:

  • Retrieving forgotten password:

Passwords can be easily recovered by accessing the recovery mail or phone number. Password recovery process is easy and detailed guide can be found from the support website.

  • Recovery assistance for hacked accounts

Hacked account can be recovered by changing password and then account settings need to be modified for future security. All these can be done by accessing the account settings page.

  • Filtering Junk and spam mail

Junk and spam mails can be easily eliminated by forwarding them to a separate folder and this can be done by modifying account settings.

  • Error in mail sending/receiving services

Mail communication error occur either due to incorrect mail setting information or due to network issues and both these issues can be easily resolved through the account settings page.

  • Configuration into different mailing services and mobile devices

Account can be configured to any mailer service and mobile devices by setting up the accurate POP/SMTP settings.

Hotmail Customer Service offers easy solution for all technical glitches with the best experts through their toll free helpline number. Service is available 24x7 and will provide you best and quick solution through remote desktop services.