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I've been trying to send broadcasts from my OnSequel bot today, but none of them were delivered. Please, let me know whether this feature is active currently and when will this issue be fixed?

Could you please point me to your bot link at onsequel.com?

So, you set a specific date/time for broadcast and it didn't trigger this episode?

BTW, did the Re-engagement episode work in this bot?

Yes, both re-engagement and broadcast messages didn't work.

1) I have created an episode with simple text copy.

2) Created additional episode with a broadcast node with scheduled time and date with a text node following. Broadcast message wasn't sent.
3) Created additional episode with a re-engagement node with scheduled time and date with a text node following. Re-engagement message wasn't sent.
4) Created additional episode with a WEBHOOK node, with a text message following. I have sent GET and POST requests to http://…. and https://…. and all requests returned an error 500

I have tried publishing and unpublishing episodes, but this didn't help.

Due to the high volume of messages being sent at a specific time, it may take between 15 and 30 minutes for your broadcast to reach users, or at times a little more time depending on the scheduled messages.

Could you please add the date/time in both re-engagement and broadcast and let me know if it works in your bot?

We created 4 episodes:

1. Main episode, with default start node, and some text, choice nodes.
2. Broadcast episode with Scheduled Broadcast start node and one text node (broadcast time set to 10:00AM GMT+2 today)
3. Re engage episode with Re-Engage start node and one text node (set specified time to 10:10AM GMT+2 today)
4. Webhook episode with Webhook start node and one text node
Then published all episodes together.
Also we sent GET and POST requests to
and got 500 Error response for each request.
So we didn’t receive any messages
This is the link to the bot (main episode)

I tested out in your bot with a specific date/time for Broadcast and Re-engagement, and both of them worked fine. Here is the screenshot attached.


Okay, I have just tried sending a broadcast, it all worked now. Thank you for looking into this issue. Appreciate your help.

Awesome! Good luck with your bot:)

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