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Which platform is your bot published and want to change the profile picture?

Hi Artem,

Once you've collected user's data via variables, use them in the message node to display.

Williams - It looks like your issue has been fixed via email support.

Our platform is totally free and you can create as many bots you wish to.

If you do not wish to republish, then it's fine. 

Yes, we can add a template of this kind of bot. Point me to your bot link at and I'll be able to add a chat template episode.

For this specific use case, NLP random message node fits in best where you can have multiple possible questions/words user might input and corresponding responses to each of them. 

Yes, this can be created using the NLP nodes. Here is the link to our guide which will help you further.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I've checked and looks like the stored response objects in the API node are not getting returned from the API. Could you please debug the API you've used and see if there is any issue there?