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I created the robot very easy, can you configure it to call the fans of the automatic page? He starting the conversation

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Hi Ronaldo,

Could you please explain your query in detail to assist you further?

Good morning, I noticed that the robot is only active when someone wants to send a message, how do I get them to contact all fans of the page? Have any configuration do you allow this? I am an agency and I am willing to implant this technology in the companies I serve.


Hi Ronaldo,

I've already replied to your query via email. It is possible to send a message only when a user initiates or starts messaging the chat in FB Page.

I'm afraid not. The bot will respond only if user's chat via message option.

Some people like to chat with other and they start chat with interesting topic. As per college paper help services people also like to comment on interesting topic on facebook page and appreciate people with nice comments. They can get useful information on facebook page with nice posts.

Thanks for the update.